Peter Day Creative.


is a company that has been designed for the times.

We deliver highly effective creative marketing solutions to a broad landscape of clients and product categories with one aim in mind:

the creation of powerful ideas.

There is no cumbersome structure here to clog the arteries, just the freedom to deal with talented senior people who are at the top of their game, and who have the depth and breadth of experience to get to the answers quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Enough said. 



It has long been our view that the heart makes almost all decisions, and the mind is simply a collaborator.

Advertising must first catch the consumers attention. There must be some sense of surprise, of the unexpected.

If it involves the consumer, then it will create an attitude change and that change will result in action.

Creativity is a high wire act which requires a conspiracy of  tension, balance, wonder, and surprise.

There are no other guidelines except that nothing is forgotten faster than the uninteresting, and nothing discredits more permanently than dishonesty.



The most difficult and important part of buying creative is viewing the presentation with the naivety and indifference of the consumer.

It is not sufficient just to tell people something in order to sell them. You must win them over with wit, style, charm and invention.



A quality brief is the springboard to quality work.

If the brief lacks spark, if it fails to ignite the imagination of  those charged with the creation of ideas it will fail.



Research is helpful in defining a target audience, in understanding who the potential customers are and what matters to them.

Research cannot tell you if your ad is inspiring, however, it often can give you insights into whether the the target audience will take away the right message.

When Avis bought the "We're number two" advertising campaign almost 50% of the people researched said they didn't like it. However, the message "We try harder", came through loud and clear.

That famous campaign went on to prove that memorable and engaging creative will always get you more bang for your buck.